two video cameras

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy They make up nearly half of all economic activity, and are responsible for sixty six percent of all new jobs.  And yet many businesses only get their messages out through advertising.  A business profile is a great way to talk about your business in a way that’s interesting and engaging.  People may know about your product or service through current advertising and marketing channels, but what do they really know about your business?  Every business has an interesting history, how it started and why it started.  Who started it, what pivots has it made to survive.  How is it surviving during downtimes like the pandemic.  The story of your business is too important not to tell, and too interesting not to share.  At Iris Filmworks, we’ve helped some of the best businesses in Rhode Island tell their story.  Your story gets people interested in your business, and interested in doing business with you.  And it highlights the fact that you’re a local business, with local roots and local employees.  And that’s more important than ever.  Business Profile interviews are shot in our Bellevue Avenue office in Newport, and accompanying B-roll is shot at your business and mixed in appropriately in the edit suite.